Analytica China 2018

October 31 – November 2, 2018


The international trade fair Analytica focuses for 50 years on innovative and applied product and system solutions for laboratories in the industrial, research and science sectors. As the industry's definitive forum, Analytica gives participants a comprehensive market overview and information about the latest developments in laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology.

作为国际性的展览,Analytica 50年致力于为工业、研发和科学领域实验室提供创新及应用型产品和系统解决方案。作为行业权威论坛,Analytica为参会者提供关于实验室技术、分析和生物技术最新发展的全面市场概况和信息。


As an expert in sensory metrology solutions, Alpha MOS successfully participated in this trade fair in Shanghai between October 31-November 2, many distributors and end users like research center and companies in food & beverage, pharmaceutical and biological industry came to our booth and consult our instruments.

作为感官分析专家,Alpha MOS公司于10月31日至11月2日在上海成功参展,许多代理商和最终用户(比如研究机构,食品饮料、制药和生物行业公司)莅临我司展台咨询我们的仪器。

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